# Additional parameters for events As the second argument, StateMachine#apply and StateMachine#test will accept an array of properties to be passed to the dispatched event, and accessible by the listeners. Default properties can be defined with your state graph. ```php $stateManager->apply('some_event', array('something' => $value)); ``` In your listeners you just have to call ```$event->getProperties()``` to access the passed data. ```php getStateMachine()->getObject(); $params = $event->getProperties(); $entity->setSomething($params['something']); } } ``` **TIP:** Default properties ```php 'transitions' => array( 'finish' => array( 'from' => array('middle'), 'to' => 'end', 'properties' => array('foo' => 'bar'), 'configure_properties' => function (OptionsResolver $resolver) { $resolver->setRequired('baz'); } ) ) ```