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Twig extension

Generates simple calendars inside your Twig templates

Register the extension

// assuming that $twig is the \Twig_Environment instance
$factory = new CalendR\Calendar;
$twig->addExtension(new CalendR\Extension\Twig\CalendRExtension($factory));

Note : If you are a Symfony2 or Silex user, with TwigBundle/TwigServiceProvider available, the CalendR extension is automatically registered.

Provided functions

  • calendr_year() : return an instance of year
  • calendr_month() : return an instance of month
  • calendr_week() : return an instance of week
  • calendr_day() : return an instance of day
  • calendr_events() : return events for a period

Example display events for a week

{% set week = calendr_week(2012, 14) %}
{% set events = calendr_events(week) %}

<h1>Events for week #{{ week }}</h1>
{% for day in week %}
    <h2>{{ day }}</h2>
        {% for event in events.find(day) %}
            <li>{{ event }}</li>
        {% endfor %}
{% endfor %}

Warning : Most of time, you'd better to retrieve your time period and events inside your controller